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PRO Decoder (2 Kanaler) i gruppen Signalhantering / AVoIP/OmniStream / HDMI Encoders & Decoders hos Audiovision AB (AT-OMNI-122)
PRO Decoder (2 Kanaler)
PRO Decoder (2 Kanaler)
PRO Decoder (2 Kanaler)
PRO Decoder (2 Kanaler)

PRO Decoder (2 Kanaler)

4K Scaler, PoE, HDR, Dolby Vision, Videovägg & Redundans 
Artnr: AT-OMNI-122



The Atlona OmniStream™ 122 (AT-OMNI-122) is a networked AV decoder with two independent channels of decoding for two OmniStream-encoded video streams up to UHD @ 60 Hz and HDR, plus embedded audio and RS-232 or IR control pass-through. It is part of the OmniStream Pro Series, designed for high performance, scalable distribution of AV over Gigabit Ethernet in commercial applications. The OmniStream 122 is HDCP 2.2 compliant and ideal for the latest as well as emerging UHD and HDR displays. It features visually lossless compression for critical-quality video and graphics applications, with extremely low, sub-frame latency from encode to decode. Also included are selectable AES-128 encryption, and SMPTE 2042 forward error correction for robust AV distribution spanning multiple networks. Additionally, the OmniStream 122 features high performance upscaling and downscaling, aspect ratio control, video wall processing, multi-channel PCM audio downmixing, audio embedding and de-embedding, plus presentation enhancement features such as logo insertion and scrolling on-screen text. This dual-channel decoder is housed in a half rack width enclosure and is ideal for high-density installations. With two Ethernet ports, the OmniStream 122 can also be integrated with duplicate AV streams delivered over two networks by the OmniStream 112 dual-channel encoder, for full system redundancy in mission-critical applications.

Easy to Configure, Simple to Manage
OmniStream AV over IP systems are remarkably easy to set up and manage – whether for a meeting room, residence, divisible room, or an entire university campus. Atlona Management System (AMS) 2.0 features automatic network device discovery, plus an intuitive web-based GUI that lets you configure virtual routing for AV, control, and data over the network – just as easily as you would with conventional AV matrix switching. AMS also streamlines and simplifies management of OmniStream systems through continuous system monitoring, notifications and alerts, event logging, multi-device configuration and backup, automated firmware updates, remote device control, and more.

Networked AV Redundancy
The OmniStream 122 can provide networked AV system redundancy in conjunction with an OmniStream 112 dual-channel AV encoder. It can be configured to receive two simultaneous encoded streams delivered over primary and redundant networks by the OmniStream 112. The OmniStream 122 can detect the loss of a physical network connection, or disruption in an AV stream, and then automatically switch over to the secondary network for continuous system operation.

Product Compatibility
The OmniStream 122 is compatible with the OmniStream 111 and OmniStream 112 encoders, and the OmniStream 232 Dante networked audio interface.

För att montera Atlona OmniStream Encoder/Decoders i AV-Rack
Dolby Vision & HDR, Kanal 1
OmniStream licens för Dolby Vision & HDR 4K/60Hz 4:2:2
Dolby Vision & HDR, Kanal 2
OmniStream licens för Dolby Vision & HDR 4K/60Hz 4:2:2
IR-Emitter för OmniStream

Passar till
IP till Analog Ljudbrygga
Sextonkanals Dante/AES67 Ljudbrygga för OmniStream
IP till Analog Ljudbrygga
Tvåkanals Dante/AES67 Ljudbrygga för OmniStream
Nätverksinterface till AT-GAIN-120
Dante/AES67 nätverksinterface till AT-GAIN-120
PRO Encoder (1 Kanal)
4K Scaler, PoE, HDR, Dolby Vision & Videovägg
PRO Encoder (2 Kanaler)
4K Scaler, PoE, HDR, Dolby Vision, Videovägg & Redundans