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Kontrollprocessor (8xIR, 4xI/O, 4xRelä) i gruppen Styrsystem / Kontrollsystem / Touchpanel hos Audiovision AB (CF-MINI-REA)
Kontrollprocessor (8xIR, 4xI/O, 4xRelä)

Kontrollprocessor (8xIR, 4xI/O, 4xRelä)

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Varumärke:Command Fusion


Kontrollprocessor (8xIR, 4xI/O, 4xRelä)

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The CF Mini is a powerful, all-in-one controller. It features 8 x IR outputs, 4 x configurable I/O ports, 4 x 30VDC latching relays and one RS232/Program port.

Rules Engine

All CFLink devices, including the CF Mini, support a powerful rule triggering engine. This allows you to trigger macros to run when a specific event occurs - such as reading a specific value via the I/O ports, or on incoming data via the RS232 port. Using the rules engine, you can setup basic or complex automation actions.

Link with LAN Bridge

The CF Mini does not feature an Ethernet port. Instead, the CFLink port is used to expand your system with any other CFLink devices. The LAN Bridge is a perfect companion for the CF Mini, for a very affordable single room solution when controlled by a mobile device such as the Apple iPad.

IR Database & Storage

All IR emitting devices in the CommandFusion range include an on-board IR database, with over 500,000 IR codes built in. If the device you want to control doesn't exist in the database, simply use our IR Learner to learn the IR codes and create an IR file ready for storage directly in the IR Blaster's on-board memory.