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0-10v Dimmer (4 Kanaler) FN485 i gruppen Belysning / Dimmers / Universal hos Audiovision AB (P5-FN485-4X0-10V)
0-10v Dimmer (4 Kanaler) FN485

0-10v Dimmer (4 Kanaler) FN485

Styrbar (FN485) dimmer 0-10v - 4 kanaler
Artnr: P5-FN485-4X0-10V


0-10v Dimmer (4 Kanaler) FN485

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• Control via RS485 or local inputs
• 4 optically isolated, analog, 0-10V outputs for dimming 4 circuits
• 4 heavy duty relays to cut power off from the loads at zero dim level
• 4 optically isolated multi-purpose inputs
• Standard DIN rail mount
• Outputs can be directly operated via local inputs without a controller
• 100 dim levels
• Dim level memory - Modules can remember their last dim level. When next powered on, lights will return to the last remembered value 
• Soft start/stop with adjustable ramp rate
• Dim with adjustable ramp rate
• Bus command support for setting dim levels to discrete values
• Preset dim level
• 100+ bus commands for setting dim levels (discrete or relative), scene presets and recall, input modes of operation, timer values of day, delayed commands, etc.
• 26 groups/scenes
• Flashing mode