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Lågvoltsdimmer LED (12 Kanaler) i gruppen Belysning / Dimmers / LED hos Audiovision AB (P5-FNIP-12XPWM)
Lågvoltsdimmer LED (12 Kanaler)
Lågvoltsdimmer LED (12 Kanaler)

Lågvoltsdimmer LED (12 Kanaler)

Styrbar (LAN) lågvoltsdimmer LED RGB/RGBW - 12 Kanaler
Artnr: P5-FNIP-12XPWM



Robust Operation

  • Ideal for dimming single color RGB or LED Strips
  • Supports up to 12 single color or 4 RGB or 3 RGBW LED strips or any combinations
  • 12 x 4A low-voltage PWM outputs
  • 12 optically isolated digital inputs for manual operation or contact sensors
  • 3-30V LEDs are supported. The LEDs can be powered from external PSUs.
  • Compatibility with PWM boosters
  • Can also be used for dimming low-voltage halogen bulbs


Ultimate Flexibility

  • RGB commands
  • Color picker to set RGB color graphically
  • Color changing sequence by holding down the inputs
  • Standard DIN rail mount
  • Powered by 12V DC - 24V DC
  • Standalone operation via the local input, even without a controller or network connection
  • Digital inputs can also be used to monitor door/window contacts, motion, water leakage and any other sensor type


Enhanced Connectivity

  • New TCP/IP interface offers remote control and advanced management
  • Built-in web server for configuration, control and monitoring
  • Operation via the local computer network or over the Internet
  • Remote control and monitoring from network enabled smartphones and tablets
  • Multiple users with different user rights
  • TCP communication with simple ASCII commands
  • Available Communication Protocol
  • Automatic event reporting of inputs and output status changes
  • Firmware upgrade via LAN


Industry-Wide Interoperability

  • Easy integration with home controllers
  • Interoperability with any momentary contact switches available on the market