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Omvandlare XLR till Terminal i gruppen Ljud / Mixers & Ljudprocessorer / Tillbehör hos Audiovision AB (PHO-MT720)
Omvandlare XLR till Terminal
Omvandlare XLR till Terminal

Omvandlare XLR till Terminal

Smidigt tillbehör till Phoenix Audio Stingray DSP
Varumärke:Phoenix Audio Technologies
Artnr: PHO-MT720



To use the MT720 converter, simply plug your XLR microphones into the XLR connectors on the back panel of the MT720 and then connect the terminal block connections from the MT720 converter to the Stingray mixer. The MT720 provides more flexibility in terms of microphone selection for the Stingray mixer by allowing the use of microphones with XLR connectors. The MT720 can be placed on any surface and also includes optional brackets and hardware to allow for mounting the device onto an AV rack.

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