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Atlona Management System AMS 2.0 i gruppen Signalhantering / AVoIP/OmniStream / HDMI Encoders & Decoders hos Audiovision AB (AT-AMS-HW)
Atlona Management System AMS 2.0
Atlona Management System AMS 2.0
Atlona Management System AMS 2.0
Atlona Management System AMS 2.0
Atlona Management System AMS 2.0

Atlona Management System AMS 2.0

Nätverksbaserad konfiguration och hantering av Atlonas IP-kontrollerbara produkter
Artnr: AT-AMS-HW



The Atlona Management System (AMS) is a powerful resource for AV integrators, facility AV/IT system administrators, and tech managers to configure, monitor, and service multiple Atlona products from a web browser. AMS enables centralized organization and management of Atlona devices and system installations throughout a facility or residence, saving integration time while serving as a convenient portal for helpdesk support. Comprehensive features include automatic network device discovery, multi-device configuration and management, firmware update automation and management, notifications and alerts, event logging, and more.

Dedicated Server Appliance
The AT-AMS-HW is a compact server appliance for AMS that easily installs into a rack or any other discreet location. Setup is fast and easy – no software installation or configuration procedure necessary. AMS is also available as a free software application.

Scalable Remote Management
AMS is ideal for use in multi-device AV installations, and is scalable to any size installation. Remote management capabilities of AMS enable AV technicians and other staff members to manage, operate, and maintain AV systems anywhere on the network through a standard web browser. AMS auto-detects installed Atlona devices, and allows the user to back up and retrieve device configurations, copy the configuration of one Atlona device to identical devices, and perform firmware upgrades – all remotely without having to connect physically into a system. AMS also allows a technician to configure Atlona devices offline, and push configurations once the devices are online.

AMS 2.0
AMS 2.0 is the latest version of the Atlona Management System, featuring a newly redesigned GUI with user-friendly interaction and navigation elements originally created for the Velocity Control System. For OmniStream AV over IP systems, AMS 2.0 also features a new user interface for video, audio, control, and data virtual routing that’s powerful, flexible, and very easy to use.